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Exciting New Skin and Hair Ingredients

It's that time of the year again. Every spring, in-cosmetics announces the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award contenders for the year. Each one of these beauty ingredients is...

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Nuisance-Free Nail Polish

There's so much wrong with nail polish. Seriously. If the questionable chemicals don't turn you off, the having to sit with jazz hands for ten minutes while waiting for it to dr...

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A Healthy Manicure Makeover

You love your manicures, but you love your health even more. So you have two options: let your nails go naked, or let them go natural. We know, natural isn't usually used in th...

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Speedier Polish-Drying Sessions

There are those of us who can sit patiently for as long as it takes for nail polish to dry, and then there are those of us who get antsy. "I can send a text message without mess...

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Eyelash Glue That Flexes Its Mussels

Are you a fan of false lashes but not the formaldehyde often found in the glue? We don't blame you. The preservative can cause contact dermatitis in people with sensitive skin, ...

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The Mineral Makeup Movement

Once hard to find and more common in boutiques than department stores and drugstores, mineral makeup has grown into its own category within the cosmetics industry. Praised for i...

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