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Cure Your Cracked Feet

When feet are more than dry–when the skin has become cracked-basic foot creams usually can't help this unattractive and sometimes uncomfortable condition. But we were thri...

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A Honey Of A Foot Cream

As messy as it would be, dipping your dry feet in honey would be a truly therapeutic treat. But if you're not willing to fill a tub with the sticky stuff, Nuxe has an alternativ...

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A Wonder-Cream For Fabulous Feet

Feet are a conundrum. The skin gets extremely dry, so we moisturize. But simply wearing shoes can lead to too much moisture, and thus discomfort and a not-so-sweet smell. Alas-i...

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Smoother Feet From A Sophisticated Cream

Feet not quite ready for summer exposure? It's time to upgrade your everyday foot lotion to something with more powerful ingredients. Glymed Plus offers Foot Spa, a cream that ...

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This Foot Cream Is Really The Balm

I've been neglecting my feet big time. No pedicures, no exfoliation-I hadn't even been moisturizing regularly. It was starting to show, so I decided to start with the basics: a ...

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Let On Some Steam With A British Cream

It's so rare to find a beauty brand with a presentation as interesting as its production, which is why we're excited about SteamCream. Straight out of England, this allover mois...

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Intensive Care For Dry, Tired Feet

The dry winter months are both a burden and blessing for me. Because I have dry skin, I have to take special care to ensure that everything stays moisturized. Otherwise, it make...

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