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Infographic: Biggest Bad Breath Culprits

Feeling like your breath is less than minty fresh? Bad breath is not only embarrassing, it can lead to a seriously unhealthy mouth. Learn about the 2 biggest causes of bad breat...

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Eat Your Way to Soft and Smooth Skin

It’s natural for skin to be less capable of retaining moisture as it ages. But there’s something to be said about well-moisturized skin: it looks dewy, soft and fine...

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Keep Your Breath Fresh With These Foods

With more bacteria in our mouths than cells in our bodies, it’s not surprising that nearly 65 million Americans have bad breath, according to the National Institute of Den...

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Fall Foods That Fight Cancer

Autumn brings forth lots of great seasonal flavors and colors. But not only do these seasonal foods taste and look great, some of them actually fight against cancer. According t...

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Collagen Boosting Foods

What is collagen? Collagen, which is found in our skin, bones, cartilage, tendons and tissues, is a tough, almost rubbery protein that is created by cells known as fibroblasts. ...

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Banish Boredom Binges

Next time you find yourself chowing down, ask yourself if you are eating because you're hungry or if you're eating because you're bored. We've all been there-eating something be...

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Weight And The Great Potato Debate

Years ago I never had any issue with potatoes. Why would I? They are delicious, versatile and filling. Then I overhauled my diet to lose weight for my wedding. One of the foods ...

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