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Why Do Our Teeth Shift?

Has your normally stellar smile seen better days? Your teeth could be shifting, and the causes are a lot more basic (bad brushing habits, anyone?) than you may think. Luckily, e...

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Infographic: Dangers of Poor Gum Health

Your mouth exposes more about your health than you may realize! Check out this infographic for how unhealthy gums can be an indicator of a variety of issues - and don't forget t...

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Infographic: Biggest Bad Breath Culprits

Feeling like your breath is less than minty fresh? Bad breath is not only embarrassing, it can lead to a seriously unhealthy mouth. Learn about the 2 biggest causes of bad breat...

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Do You Really Need to Floss?

A healthy, youthful smile isn’t just about having straight, bright white teeth. Your gums play a major role in maintaining a youthful appearance. From gingivitis to period...

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Are You Failing At Flossing?

Every dentist would agree: flossing is one of the most important things you can do for a healthy smile. But if you're like most, you think you're already up to speed on how to c...

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Can Healthy Gums Prevent Heart Disease?

Your gums should be pink in color, signaling that they are healthy and youthful. Inflamed, bleeding gums may be a sign of gum disease, which can destroy the surrounding bone and...

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Flossing 101

We all know how important flossing is: it is essential in preventing periodontal disease. If you're ignoring this, you could end up with inflamed, bleeding gums (not cute). Plus...

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Dental Fact Vs. Fiction

If you're like most, you may think you know how to best care for your smile, but your efforts may fall short if you're not properly educated. We all want the best for our smiles...

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