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8 Ways To Curl Your Hair

Who isn’t after the perfect curl? From foam rollers to straighteners, here are 8 different yet effective ways to achieve that sought-after “do.” 

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2013 Awards: Beauty Essentials

There are some products that you just can’t be without. You count on them for their tried-and-true results that constantly deliver. These standouts may sound simple, but t...

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Do You Really Need Heat Protectant?

Even if your strands are seemingly healthy, your styling go-to tools—flat irons and dryers—can zap it of moisture in minutes and make it look frizzy, dull and damage...

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Simple Solutions for Straight Hair

With the right tools, creating smooth and straight strands is not as hard as it looks. Not sure if you should reach for the blow dryer or the flat iron? It depends on the look y...

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A Less-Damaging Flat Iron Debuts

Anyone that uses a flat iron fluctuates with their love for it. Sleek, shiny strands? Yes, please. Dried out, too-straight limp locks that border on the edge of fried? No thank ...

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