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This Pedicure Gets Even More Fishy

A few years ago fish pedicures, during which tiny garra rufa fish eat away the dead skin on your feet when you plunge them into their tank, made a big splash as an alternative t...

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Fishy Findings

Salmon is a staple protein for many. Known for its plethora of health benefits, it makes for a delicious and healthful meal. If you're a salmon eater you may have noticed your g...

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Collagen Boosting Foods

What is collagen? Collagen, which is found in our skin, bones, cartilage, tendons and tissues, is a tough, almost rubbery protein that is created by cells known as fibroblasts. ...

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A Fishy New Solution For Sensitive Skin

Collagen and peptides are found in plenty of skincare products, and their benefits and sources vary greatly. Now, researchers have found that a certain combination, featuring a ...

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