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Three Ways To Fix Flat Cheeks

When cheeks are flat and lack definition, they can cause the face to look masculine. Contouring the cheeks by adding volume can give the face natural-looking symmetry, youthful ...

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Fillers: Fact Vs. Fiction

Injectables and fillers are one of the most requested anti-aging treatments today due to the quick results and minimal downtime that they offer. Even with all the educational re...

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Filler of the Future?

Hyaluronic acid fillers are the choice de rigueur for fighting the effects of aging by temporarily restoring volume—and a new formulation of the acid may be on the horizon...

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Filler Ingredient Eases Knee Pain Too

Hyaluronic acid, which helps the skin retain moisture, has been used as a facial filler for restoring lost volume to under-eye hollows, laugh lines and lips. And because of its ...

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Injections May Relieve This Eye Disorder

Chalk up another medical success for the botulinum toxin type A. It's been linked to not only erasing wrinkles, but also for migraine relief, muscular issues and other off-label...

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You Might Need A Facelift For That

Ever wonder if it's time go beyond injectables and finally get a facelift? Here are a few things to consider before making the transition: 1. Do you have excess skin or true pou...

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Restylane Gets Fda Approval For Lips

Earlier this year, we reported that the Food and Drug Administration's General Plastic Surgery Devices Advisory Panel had recommended Restylane for lips. Just this week, that r...

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A New Way To Fight Fine Lines On The Horizon

Plastic surgeons have developed a new form of hyaluronic acid filler that could possibly trump the classic gel formulation in terms of wrinkle correction. Planned to be presente...

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A Wrinkle-Smoothing Skin Improver

The chemists at Kiehl's are at it again-this time coming up with an instant, full-face fix to smooth out wrinkles while improving skin's texture over time. The brand new Double...

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