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A Sweet Scalp Scrub To Undo Dryness

I feel like I've tried just about everything for my scalp, which is as dry as can be. Though it doesn't shed like dandruff, I'll find random flakes have settled on my bangs or r...

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Adopt This Ambitious Eau De Parfum

It's no surprise that Beth Nonte Russell's adoption of a baby daughter in China moved her profoundly enough to write a book about it. But even though that's more than most adopt...

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Switch Your Scent From Day To Night

Some of us stick to one signature scent, no matter the season or occasion, while others change it up as often as possible–even day to night. For those who fall into the l...

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Lovely Legs From A Focused Formula

The more specified the product, the more confident we are that it will perform its promises. Such is the case with the Legs Beauty Formula, which is expressly formulated for the...

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What Body Lotion Would Buddha Use?

Not feeling very zen lately? We know it takes more than a body lotion to achieve enlightenment, but we'll venture to say that an Infusion Organique formula has brought us a litt...

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Preciously Packaged Perfumes

Perhaps you're familiar with Pacifica's amazing candles. If so-or not-you'll simply adore Pacifica Perfumes. We do. There are five heavenly plant-derived fragrances, all made w...

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Change The Way You Wash Your Hair

I'm one of those women who tries as often as possible to avoid washing her hair. Even without heat styling, my hair looks borderline fried because of shampoo's drying effects. S...

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Sweet, Celeb-Worthy Scents

Faith Hill and Gwen Stefani may have nothing in common musically, but an independent fragrance company has turned them-and several other celebrities-into scent sisters. Fresh Sc...

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A Scrumptious, Not-Too-Sweet Soap

I thoroughly enjoy the holidays because typically, that's when I can look forward to the release of some of the very sweetest scents of the year. My bath and body products are f...

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