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Cure for Gray Hair Uprooted

Most women have a secret fear of the future when it comes to their beauty. If it's not yellow teeth than it's wrinkles and if it's not weight gain than it's gray hair. If you're...

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How to Select the Best Sunscreen

Gone are the days of just running into the grocery store to pick up a tube of sunscreen before the beach. With skeptical chemicals ingredients and changing regulations, sun...

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A New Injection for Fuller Cheeks

Volume loss in the cheeks is a common sign of facial aging. And while there are options (ranging from contouring makeup to extreme methods like permanent implants) available to ...

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The Gummy Bear Implant is Finally Here

It’s been years since we first heard about the “gummy bear implant” being used in breast augmentation around the world. Finally, Allergan has received approval...

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SPF Levels: Which Is Best?

Two million people in the U.S. are diagnosed with skin cancer ever year. Not only does exposure to the sun cause skin cancer, it is also proven to accelerate visible signs of ag...

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Cosmetics Are Too Spicy for Some

Offering a wide array of beauty and health benefits, spices are one of the most commonly used products in foods, dental products and cosmetics. For most, spices make a great add...

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“Laser Lipo” Sparks Controversy

As the average weight of Americans increases year after year, more people are looking to “quick fixes” to shed their unwanted pounds versus choosing to diet and exer...

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Fda Approves A New Diet Pill

About 31 percent of NewBeauty readers told us that they would try anything to help them lose weight, with another 25 percent saying they would consider using a fat-burning suppl...

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