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Put Fat to Good Use

Don't fear fat! Learn how you can get a better butt, smooth out cellulite and amp up your breasts

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Fix and Fill in Laugh Lines

As we age, lines begin to develop at the corners of the nose and extend down toward the mouth and beyond, often giving the appearance that we are much older than we really are. ...

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The Lowdown on Fat Grafting and Lipo

Before noninvasive treatments and fat-melting devices made their mark on the body-contouring front, liposuction was the method of choice. While it’s still viewed as the ul...

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Three Ways to Build a Better Butt

Everyone woman wants to feel good about her butt. However, getting your rear end in shape can be a complicated feat. No matter what kind of improvement your backside needs, thes...

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Why Facial Volume Matters

You may not realize it, but a little plumpness is a good thing. Especially when we're talking about the face, as you can see in actress Elizabeth McGovern's photos, the image on...

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Three Ways to Restore Youth

When it comes to the face, fat is the key to youth. In the right places, volume has a massive effect on our appearance and what people perceive as aged versus young. A loss of v...

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