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Three Ways To Fix Flat Cheeks

When cheeks are flat and lack definition, they can cause the face to look masculine. Contouring the cheeks by adding volume can give the face natural-looking symmetry, youthful ...

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Fat Injections Help Reduce Cellulite

It's a fact, about 90 percent of women deal with cellulite on some part of their body, primarily on the buttocks and thighs. We try different creams, treatments and more to get ...

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Which Way Should You Plump Limp Lips?

Long for luscious lips like Jessica Biel's? With hyaluronic acid injectables like Restylane, Juvederm and Perlane, your dermatologist or plastic surgeon can add volume and fulln...

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Customize Your Cheeks With Long-Lasting Fat

If more sculpted, dramatic cheekbones and a less sunken look are what you're trying to achieve, then fat grafting to the cheek area may be for you. During autologous fat graft...

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Preventing And Correcting Facial Fat Loss

Fat loss is part of the aging process, and it can't be stopped entirely. The best way to prevent excessive fat loss in your face is by maintaining a healthy, steady weight. Howe...

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Use Your Own Fat To Fight Aging

If you don't think you're ready for a facelift but you're interested in something more permanent than injectable fillers, you might find a happy medium with the longer-lasting o...

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Fat Grafting For A Fuller Behind

For those unhappy with the flatness of their buttocks, fat grafting may be an appropriate option. This is a surgical technique where "spare" fat is harvested from an area like...

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