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Sunless Tanners with Benefits

What’s better than a sun-kissed glow sans all the harsh rays? A sun-kissed glow that packs additional beauty benefits. Here are our picks for top tanners chock-full with b...

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Tips to a Successful Sunless Tan

You can fake sun-kissed skin year-round by using sunless tanners, which have come a long way in the last few years to give a realistic, streak-free tan.

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Easy Steps to a Flawless Fake Tan at Home

The summer isn't over yet! Whether you're on a quest to get a fake golden glow for Labor Day weekend or year-round, this is the video for you. We got celebrity tanner Jimmy Coco...

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Show Off a Sexier Body for Summer

Getting ready to sport that itty-bitty bikini can be tough but it’s not impossible. You may have seen some of our body-perfecting tips on Good Day New York but we have a f...

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Is Your Self-Tanner Making You Break Out?

We recently reported that Victoria Beckham ditched her fake tan because she thought it made her skin look old. However, the biggest difference in her skin we can see is that it ...

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