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Redheads Can't Get A Tan—Can They?

Take a redhead to the beach and they'll leave with skin the color of their hair. Experts have always assumed this tendency towards sunburn means fair-skinned folks can't make mu...

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Learn to Face Your Fair Skin

Light and fair skin is usually the first to show the signs of aging, which can happen as early as the mid to late 20s. Because the skin is inherently thinner and contains less m...

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Match Your New Smile With Your Skin Tone

If you are considering veneers, your dentist will probably use a shade guide to help you select the perfect color of veneers for your new smile. Remember, the white smiles you s...

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Sunburn Easily? You May Need More Vitamin D

Not sure if you need a vitamin D supplement? It may all depend on the fairness of your complexion. People with very pale skin may be unable to take in enough sun to produce the ...

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Fight Signs Of Aging In Fair Skin

Fair skin is usually the first to show the signs of aging, which can happen as early as the mid to late twenties. Because fair skin is thinner and contains less melanin, it's mo...

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Could Your Eyes Get Skin Cancer?

When you hear the word melanoma, you probably think of skin cancer. But technically, it is cancer of melanocyte cells, which means it can occur anywhere the body has pigment. On...

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The Best Bronzer For Fair Maidens

Isn't it ironic? I'm very fair-skinned, so I like using a little bronzer in spring and summer; but it's because I'm so fair that most bronzers look downright terrible on me-like...

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Do You Feel Pressure To Be Tan?

When I was a child, I was naturally very tan. So tan, in fact, that people didn't believe that I'm of completely Eastern European background. But after learning of some cancerou...

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Tanner Isn’T Always Better

Not everyone feels that tan is the best look for their skin; like me, for example. Living in South Florida, I'm constantly surrounded by naturally and artificially tanned bodies...

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