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Before & After: Liquid Lift

A “Liquid Lift” comprises a variety of different injectable and filler products to give a smoother, fuller, line-free look to skin. West Palm Beach, FL, dermatologist Kenne...

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Reinflate Your Face With Your Fat

If you’re trying to fix a loss of volume in your face, micro-grafting fat transfer, a technique that transplants fat to the face in small amounts, can help. “Micro-g...

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Do You Need Fillers or Surgery?

Injectables, fillers and surgery all have their place. So how do you know when to make the switch from inejctables and fillers to surgery or vice versa? Your doctor may suggest ...

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Three Ways to Restore Youth

When it comes to the face, fat is the key to youth. In the right places, volume has a massive effect on our appearance and what people perceive as aged versus young. A loss of v...

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Achieve A Balanced Face With Fillers

One of the first things we notice as we age is the loss of facial volume, often the result of a lack of collagen, which keeps the skin full, luminous and elastic. However, the f...

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