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3 Women Try Botox For The First Time

If you want to stop wrinkles, Botox injections are a great, temporary solution. But if you are a little apprehensive, you're not alone. That's why we asked three NewBeauty reade...

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Could a Pill Boost Botox Results?

Botox injections don’t come at a small price. Plus, the wrinkle-smoothing effects typically don’t last more than a few months. But there may be a new pill on the way...

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Plumping Lips Bit By Bit

You may see your lips as just two parts-top and bottom-but when it comes to plumping injections, your doctor may start looking at them like a 15-piece puzzle. Research publishe...

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A "New Botox"

Reloxin is now entering final phases of FDA trials and making its way into select plastic surgery and dermatology offices around the country. So if you come into your doctor's o...

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