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The Perfect Brows For Your Face Shape

Figuring out an eyebrow shape that works with the dimensions of your face isn’t always easy. To help out, we invited Mary Irwin, celebrity makeup artist, to NewBeauty to teach ...

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When Beauty Backfires: Ping-Pong Face

Injectables and fillers can easily correct the signs of aging, but these treatments, as well as surgical procedures, can also produce unwanted problems.

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Get the Perfect Brows For Your Face Shape

Your brows are a focal point on your face. Depending on the shape, they can make you look youthful and happy, or they can do the opposite and make you look old and tired. The wr...

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Do Your Teeth Complement Your Face Shape?

You've heard about having a haircut that flatters your face shape, and using makeup contouring to define facial features has been practiced since the dawn of the blush brush. Bu...

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Face Shape: The Basis Of Beauty

We all want to put our best face forward. So when it comes choosing a new hairstyle or applying makeup, it’s important to know what works best with our facial structure. W...

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