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Stop Expression Lines While You Sleep

As we get older, our everyday facial expressions threaten to leave their mark more and more. But even if you practice looking as deadpan as possible, your face continues to move...

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Reduce Redness With Retinaldehyde

All Avene products are made with sensitive skin in mind, but although related, redness is a separate situation. So if you're dealing with serious ruddiness, rosacea or flushing,...

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Limited-Edition Luxury

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has us all kinds of excited. Next season, on sale now? But what really has the NewBeauty team all shaken up is Nordstrom's beauty exclusives. Limi...

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Beauty Blogger Crosses Over

This small, cute line of products grabbed my attention right away. As someone who gets to play with beauty products all day long, I was pleased to discover that someone in the b...

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