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Skin Care Is Not One Size Fits All

A new survey from Obagi Medical Products found that whether a woman is of African-American, Hispanic, Asian or Middle Eastern descent, she probably faces some ongoing issues wit...

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Laser Hair Removal On Darker Skin

The best candidate for light-based hair removal is someone with fair skin and dark hair. Dark hair absorbs light more effectively, but the light can't tell the difference betwee...

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Necessary Nose Job Knowledge

To determine the areas of the nose that will be addressed during your rhinoplasty, your plastic surgeon will evaluate your overall facial appearance, proportion and structure, w...

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Race And The Race Against Time

Melanin, the substance that gives skin its color, plays a big part in how different ethnicities show the signs of aging. With lighter skin, UV rays from the sun can penetrate ...

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Could Your Eyes Get Skin Cancer?

When you hear the word melanoma, you probably think of skin cancer. But technically, it is cancer of melanocyte cells, which means it can occur anywhere the body has pigment. On...

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Symmetry Is Universally Sexy

Research has concordantly supported the notion that highly symmetrical faces are naturally perceived as the most attractive. The reason, however, has been a topic of debate. Are...

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