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Find Your Best Nail Shape

Picking your polish isn’t the only decision you should be making when you get a manicure. Whether short or long, oval or square or anything in between, nails can be filed ...

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Beauty Safety 101: Body

Simple, routine beauty appointments are considered “maintenance” by some; others find them to be a way to relax and pamper. Regardless of the purpose, if not done pr...

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Could a Mani/Pedi Be Dangerous?

Unsanitary-looking tubs and bowls are just the beginning. Most women don’t know that some of the tools commonly utilized during manicures and pedicures are actually illega...

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Sassy Summer Nails

My nail salon finally added Essie's 2011 summer nail collection to their shelves. (Yes, I've been waiting.) This fiery collection inspired by the beauty and heat of Brazil is ma...

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Blue Nails On The Red Carpet

Manicures are supposed to be a relaxing experience. And to some extent, I agree. But sometimes picking out a polish can give me a mini anxiety attack that has me all but relaxed...

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Neutral Nail Polish On The Blue Carpet

Reality star Kristin Cavallari was spotted last week on the blue carpet at the Something Borrowed premiere, sporting her newest accessory. Yes, we're talking about her new engag...

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A Polish That Supports A Cause

Today TOMS shoes is celebrating One Day Without Shoes, a global campaign to raise awareness of the millions of children at risk for disease and infection as they grow up without...

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