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Tackle Adult Acne Orally With Supplements

Yes, you can get most of your daily-recommended dosage of vitamins and minerals by eating mindfully and healthfully. However, in today's fast food or "I'm too busy to eat lunch"...

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Fats That Won't Make You Fat

Wouldn't it be nice if there were no repercussions for eating meals high in fat? But alas, macaroni and cheese does have repercussions and we all know it. However, some foods hi...

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Prep Your Hair For Punishment

Heat-styling, sun exposure, even brushing can wreak havoc on hair. With that in mind, do you really think it's fair to let your locks go it alone? Profound Beauty has conjured...

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Surprising Cellulite-Fighting Foods

Although there's no cure for cellulite, there are a variety of foods that contain ingredients thought to help decrease the appearance of cellulite thanks to their circulation-bo...

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Sunflower Power For Color-Treated Hair

We color our hair to make it look more vibrant, but if it's not sufficiently cared for, we can end up with the opposite effect. Coloring in and of itself can damage hair, and th...

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Rescue Your Complexion And Your Planet

Take a close look at Organicare's name and you'll see "I care." And they really do! This compassionate brand believes in making the world better, whether it's by living greener ...

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An Entire Regimen In Two Potent Products

They say two's company, which must be why skinARCTICA insists on selling their Formula face cream and Cleanser & Toner together. But in this case, two isn't company-it's concent...

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Fruitful Tea For A Relaxing Ritual

Something as simple as a regular tea ritual can go a long way to help you disconnect and indulge in a peaceful moment. Set aside a corner or clear part of a desk in a room just ...

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Should You Stop Using Moisturizer?

Some experts believe that regular moisturizing can wreak havoc on your skin, instigating issues like acne and premature aging. Traditional moisturizers can occlude your skin wit...

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