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A to Z Guide Key Enzymes

On an ingredient label, enzymes can sound somewhat like cosmetic soup, but they're seriously beneficial to your skin. Here’s what to look for from the most commonly u...

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A Post-Wax Way To Halt Hair Growth

Waxing is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get rid of unwanted hair, but it has its downsides: it can be somewhat uncomfortable and the results don't last very long. Howe...

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Damage Control From The Deep Blue Sea

When I was a student, the phrase "Advanced Marine Biology" would've terrified me. Nowadays, however, it delights me; and no, I didn't get a left-brain transplant since college. ...

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Radiant Skin Without Severe Scrubbing

There's a good reason why Enzyme Cleansing Gel is Mario Badescu's best-selling face wash. Correction: there are multiple reasons why it's his best-selling face wash. Shall we co...

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Switch To Oolong Tea For Weight-Loss Support

All varieties of tea contain polyphenols, which provide health benefits and help protect the body. However, oolong tea is especially high in polyphenols and jump-starts the enzy...

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Three Thoroughly Beautifying Flowers

Some flowers and their extracts have been used internationally for centuries as a way to cure common beauty ailments. Even in today's complex and scientifically advanced world, ...

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Exfoliation For Acne

You can't get a pimple without a clogged pore, but regular exfoliation can help keep acne at bay by keeping pores clear. However, not all exfoliation techniques are equal. So wh...

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