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Mèche Salon Now Open in Beverly Hills

When we think ombré hair, Emma Stone’s red strands or Gwyneth Paltrow’s golden blonde, only one name comes to mind: Tracey Cunningham, Redken creative consult...

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Lips Like A Celebrity? Yes, You Can!

It was hard to miss all the thick, luscious lips on the red carpet during the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday. Actresses Emma Stone, Amber Heard and Natalie Portman puckere...

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Can You Carry Off Red Hair Convincingly?

With celebrities like Florence Welch (left), Christina Hendricks, Karen Elson, Hayley Williams and Emma Stone choosing-and totally pulling off-shades of red over their natural h...

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Making A Major Hair Color Change

Contrary to popular belief, it isn't all that easy to go from light hair to dark, or vice versa. Drastic color changes should never be done at home-they often require several ap...

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