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High-Tech Toothbrush Debut

Phillips Sonicare is one of the most trusted names when it comes to electric toothbrushes. I've brushed with a Sonicare for years but my base model brush is no competitor for th...

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Not All Toothbrushes Are Created Equal

I am an electric toothbrush kind of girl. Average toothbrushes just don't leave me feeling as clean. For a while, I figured that was all in my head, but after leaving my charger...

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Supersmile's Brilliant New Sonic Brush

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Supersmile. Ever since I started using their products more than three years ago, I haven't had a single cavity, and I've been told my teeth ...

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Quiet, Customized Toothbrush Technology

Even though they work wonders, some of us find electric toothbrushes annoying-even intimidating. Perhaps it's their bulkiness compared to traditional toothbrushes, or that unner...

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