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Switch Your Scent From Day To Night

Some of us stick to one signature scent, no matter the season or occasion, while others change it up as often as possible–even day to night. For those who fall into the l...

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A Truly Botanical Fragrance Debut

One of our favorite things about Liz Earle skincare products is their range of scents-sticking to an effective routine is so much easier when you have a favorite fragrance to lo...

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A Seriously Sensual Celebutante Scent

I must be the only person in America who's never seen a single episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I was completely unaware that there were sisters other than Kim. But s...

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An Instantly Favorite Floral Fragrance

I love tuberose to a fault. It has made me far too finicky about fragrances. If the white flower isn't listed as a note in a perfume, I rarely even try it. Snobby, I know. So wh...

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What Demi Moore Wants In A Fragrance

We've eagerly wondered what beauty product, if any, Demi Moore would endorse. After all, is there anyone whose face, body and hair say "I look younger than my actual age" louder...

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A Floral Fragrance With A Notable Name

I've decided that if I ever have a daughter, I will name her Hazel. I'm not sure why, but I just happen to love the name. I used to be obsessed with the name Fiona, but then my ...

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