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Should I Dye My Eyebrows Too?

Do you love your new hair color, but feel like it seems a little off to you? We may have an idea what it could be—your eyebrows don’t match. Your eyebrows may not be...

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Color Your Hair Without Staining Your Skin

How many times have you colored your hair at home, only to be left with a trail of ridiculous-looking residue along your hairline? Unfortunately, those unwanted stains are often...

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Pregnancy And The Hair-Dye Debate

Permanent hair dye applied to the entire scalp can potentially be absorbed into the body. According to the American Medical Association, which recommends staying away from hair ...

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Hair Color And Cancer In Older Women

Over the last 30 years, hair dyes have become safer due to manufacturers removing many carcinogens from their formulas. But those who consistently used hair dye before the 1980s...

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Are You Allergic To Your Hair Color?

Does anyone actually do those recommended patch tests with at-home hair-coloring kits 24 hours before treating their hair? Most don't-some of us here at NewBeauty are guilty-but...

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Easily Undo A Dreadful Dye Job

We're not saying you can't get great results coloring your hair at home, but you have to admit there's a greater risk of things going horribly, irreversibly wrong if you do it y...

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Your New Colorist, Mother Nature

Much to the chagrin of bleached, darkened and highlighted ladies worldwide, recent studies have linked the chemicals in hair dye to allergies, dermatological conditions and even...

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