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Holiday Makeup Must-Haves

Although Halloween is approaching, I'm not too concerned about costume choices. But I can't say the same about the rest of 2011's upcoming holidays. The months ahead bring many ...

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How To Master Fall’S Sultry Makeup Trends

Fall makeup can be a little more involved than low-maintenance summer looks. Jason Garner, makeup artist and National Training Manager for DuWop has some great advice for using ...

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An Unexpected Skin-Perfecting Pair

At first glance, the two components in DuWop's Smoothset seemed to me like an odd couple. A colorless balm and a pressed powder... These work together? Are they really all I'm g...

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A Plumping Lip Gloss Sans Sting

We love the way lip-plumping glosses give us a sexy, full and flushed pout, but we can definitely do without the tingly, burning feeling that comes with them. That's why we're s...

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