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3 Ways to Prevent Dry Hair This Winter

When the cold weather rolls around, we tend to prep our skin for the damage that might occur, but we don't always think about the toll it might take on our hair. It turns out th...

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4 Ways To Get Healthy Hair At Home

While there's nothing like a trip to the salon to get your hair in tip-top condition, sometimes it's just not the most convenient option. It's no fun to have to wait around for ...

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How To Spot Dehydration

Here at NewBeauty we talk a lot about keeping your hair and skin hydrated, but do you know how to tell if you're actually suffering from dehydration? Simply put, dehydration hap...

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Fight Dandruff From The Inside Out

You know when you're dealing with dandruff. One flip of the hair, one scratch of the head, one turtle neck pull over, and it looks like a very un-magical little fairy crop duste...

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The Sneaky Reason You Have Brassy Hair

It's not just the gray roots giving away the fact that you've been neglecting your color (Yes, your colorist would like a phone call). Brassy hair, like stubborn grays, is a fac...

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More Of Must-Have Dry Hair Helper

Phyto 7 has been around for 40 years, softening dry hair with seven carefully-chosen botanicals. And over the years, its effective formula has never called for a change. Althea,...

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