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How Julianne Moore Defies Gravity

Julianne Moore is 52-years old and basically, it seems like she continues to get more and more beautiful with age. The famous redhead that’s been in the limelight since th...

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Banned From Beauty: Silicone Injections

Europe may be at the forefront of cutting-edge beauty, but on some issues, they’re more cautious of potential dangers. What’s deemed to be dangerous and a threa...

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The Celebrity Secret for C-Section Scars

After nine months of pregnancy and hours of labor, all you really want in the delivery room is that baby out of you. Whether by choice or necessity, sometimes that means having ...

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Achieve a More Feminine Nose

In women, the more feminine that the nose looks, the more balanced the face appears. But some noses possess characteristics that seem fitting for a male face—not a female....

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What Is a Transconjunctival Mid-Facelift ?

Once the effects of aging start to take hold on the face, it’s pretty common for sagging skin to become noticeable. The only way to reverse the effects of slack skin is to...

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A-List Secrets to the Fountain of Youth

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood’s middle-aged starlet’s are staying in tiptop shape from red carpet to red carpet? So have we. We consulted with Chicago plastic...

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Manage Your Surgery Scars on Screen

A total of 100 million patients develop scars in the world alone each year as a result of 55 million elective operations and 25 million operations after trauma. In many cases, s...

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40 is the New Age for Facelifts

Traditional facelifts used to be reserved for the aged population—women in their 60s and 70s with sagging skin that had exhausted injectable and noninvasive treatments. Ho...

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