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How Hormones Secretly Affect Your Hair

Have you ever stopped to wonder why your hair is a different texture than it was when you were a child? Or perhaps why one day it seems like your hair is falling out by the fist...

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Don’t Forget to Exfoliate Your Scalp Too

We’re well aware that exfoliation is the key to gorgeous skin. So wouldn’t the same concept apply to help us get healthy hair? We went to our experts to find out. “It’s importan...

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SPF Levels: Which Is Best?

Two million people in the U.S. are diagnosed with skin cancer ever year. Not only does exposure to the sun cause skin cancer, it is also proven to accelerate visible signs of ag...

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Leave The Picking For The Pros

There's nothing worse than a breakout. Even after a blemish heals, it can still leave remnants behind. Red pigmentation from acne, which is the result of inflammation or vascula...

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Secrets For Shine-Free Skin

Dealing with persistently oily skin can be a nuisance. These insider tips can help keep your skin shine-free. • Mattifying lotions and anti-shine powders and gels can keep...

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