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5 Plastic Surgery Nightmares

If your physician isn't board-certified, any treatment or procedure performed by them can have seriously scary results. Read on about these real life nightmares so you can avoid...

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The Body Lift Breakdown

Just like a facelift, a body lift can help you get the body you want when gravity, age and genetics get you down. A body lift can encompass multiple procedures or just one depen...

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Tummy Tuck True-or-False

Flat, tight, toned, flab-free—whatever your mission is when it comes to your midsection, knowing what can make a difference in getting there, as opposed to what won’...

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Is There a Breast Lift Alternative?

Pop quiz. A breast lift is the only way to lift the breasts, true or false? If you said false, you’re correct. The truth is, if your skin is in good shape and sagging is m...

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Unzipping the Truth Behind the Ideal Implant

A saline-filled implant, known as the Ideal Implant, takes the best of both saline and silicone, and converges them into a single implant, even though no silicone gel is actuall...

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