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Fix Worn and Misshapen Teeth

With age comes many changes and your smile is no exception. While skin experiences a loss of elasticity and collagen, the teeth and gums go through age-related wear and tear, wh...

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Shifting Teeth: Would You Get Braces?

As we age, our teeth may shift away from the post-braces perfection of our adolescent years. So would you get braces? Check out the results of our readers' poll and re...

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Braces: A Cure for Bad Breath?

Many adults look back at their childhood and wish they had braces. Usually, the reasons have to do with a crooked smile but that’s not the only plus of having orthodontic ...

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Restore Your Smile With Implants

There are several ways a subpar smile could be aging you. A smile with missing teeth, for one, presents problems like a lack of facial fullness and a hollowing effect that can m...

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