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The Fat Breakdown: White vs. Brown

It’s obvious that the more fat that’s accumulated in the body, the fatter the body appears. “Fat cells are like balloons: they expand when they contain fat and...

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Reinflate Your Face With Your Fat

If you’re trying to fix a loss of volume in your face, micro-grafting fat transfer, a technique that transplants fat to the face in small amounts, can help. “Micro-g...

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Inside the Stem Cell Facelift

If you’re experiencing volume loss and an overall aged appearance in your face, a “stem cell facelift” might be the right procedure to plump your wrinkles and ...

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Moms Seek Facelifts for the Playground

Keeping up with the Joneses these days requires way more than a fancy car or new lawn furniture. Today, moms with means find that facelifts are the latest and greatest way to st...

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3 Non-Surgical Ways to Rejuvenate the Face

When you want to look and feel younger, your face is the front and center battleground of that fight. And while there are a few ways to surgically make the face look years young...

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