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Target Extra Fat in Your Thighs

Finding a pair of good-fitting jeans is challenging, especially when slim-fitting skinny jeans are on trend. Jeans that are too tight in the thigh or hips can actually accentuat...

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Look Better in a Low-Cut Top

A lack of cleavage and size and position of your breasts are reasons why you might not fill out a neckline the way you want. Las Vegas plastic surgeon Mike Edwards, MD, says, &l...

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Target and Lift Sagging Breasts

Even if you are happy with the physical size of your breasts, you may not be too content with their positioning, which forces you to shy away from low-cut tops and deep neckline...

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A Breast Reduction for Better Cleavage

Are your overly large, undefined breasts creating a lack of cleavage? Do you want to feel better in a low-cut top? Breasts that are too large for your frame may not only be a bu...

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