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How Pretty Are You Really?

If you were on the Internet the last few months, then you probably saw this viral video. It's called "Dove Real Beauty Sketches," and follows real women as they have a forensic ...

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Want To Shave Less? No Sweat!

I realize it's kind of weird to be excited about antiperspirant or deodorant, but I'm sorry, I just am. My favorite, Dove Ultimate-the kind that goes on clear-is now available i...

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Don't Fear The Oil In Dove's Cream Oil

When I first heard that Dove's new Pro Age line included a moisturizer called Body Cream Oil, I was a bit taken aback. Ever since I was old enough to be interested in beauty pro...

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Dove Gets A Makeover

Attention women who love Dove. The Unilever braintrust behind Dove's “Campaign For Real Beauty” are taking the concept of embracing all shapes and sizes to the nex...

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