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How to Lose Your Double Chin

We typically associate a double chin with weight gain, and while this is true, there are other factors that cause it. “Double chin is a term describing excess fullness under the...

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Is Excess Facial Fat Aging You?

Excess fat in the face, especially around the eyes, jaw and neck can cause common problems like bulges, lack of definition and a double chin, which can cause you to look older t...

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Inject Away Your Double Chin?

One of the first places many people show weight gain is in the face-especially in the form of an unflattering double chin. For that reason, we imagine there will be no shortage ...

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Refine Your Face With Liposuction

Think liposuction is just for areas below the neck? This versatile procedure can also improve the appearance of your face by being performed on or below the chin and jawline to ...

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A Doubly Firming Neck Formula

We expect our neck creams to fight lines and sagging skin, which is exactly what 3LAB's new Perfect Neck Cream does. But what makes it so "perfect" is the fact it doesn't stop a...

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Kiss Your Double Chin Goodbye

The double chin is a common complaint. Using liposuction to remove the small pocket of fat under the chin can have a tremendous impact on the profile by creating a more defined ...

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