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Your Doctor's Weight Might Affect Yours

We recently shared a study released by the CDC that states more doctors in the last 12 years have explicitly told patients to exercise more than ever before. If you ask us, a li...

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New Attitudes Toward Plastic Surgery

Growing steadily in popularity over the years as an option to change one's appearance and self-esteem, plastic surgery has finally reached a bit of a rebound. According to a new...

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Computer Imaging Before Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgeons often use computer imaging to ensure that their vision coincides with the patient's goals. However, it's important to realize that this is more of a communicati...

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Are Higher Doses Of Supplements Better?

It's a hotly debated topic. Some doctors promote mega-doses of antioxidants, while others warn against exactly that. But here's the thing: the potential dangers vary depending o...

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Injectables: Uncertainty And Enthusiasm

Confused about injectable treatments like fillers and Botox? You're not alone. Want one anyway? You're in good company. Lots of women who say they would prefer injectables over ...

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Correcting A Botched Cosmetic Surgery

Although all surgery involves risk, going to an unqualified doctor for your chosen cosmetic procedure increases the possibility of botched results. Finding yourself in this posi...

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Who Will Administer Anesthesia?

Depending on the type of procedure-and the type of anesthesia-multiple people may be qualified to administer your anesthesia. Here, you'll find a guide to the health-care profes...

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Accredited Offices Are Safe For Surgery

Reviewing data about procedures carried out between 2001 and 2006, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has determined that cosmetic surgery performed at accredited outpatie...

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