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The Anti-Aging Effects of Omega-3s

Could omega-3s be the new fountain of youth? These polysaturated fatty acids have already earned a rep for being a gold mine of health benefits—protection against heart di...

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How The Vitamin Niacin Can Fix Your Skin

Beauty buzzwords come and go, but one that has continually boasted a bevy of praise over the past few years is niacin. Otherwise known as vitamin b3, this wonder ingredient is s...

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Is Stress Aging You?

The alleged correlation of stress and gray strands is nothing new. “You're giving me gray hairs!” is a common complaint among stressed-out parents everywhere. But ...

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Another Kind Of Ultraviolet Ray To Consider

You know about UVA and UVB rays, but the lesser-known UVC rays are the shortest wavelengths emitted from the sun. They have the potential to be the most harmful, capable of dama...

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How Skin Is Susceptible To Dna Damage

Found in every cell of every living being, DNA is essentially a blueprint of how the cells grow, develop and function. DNA is like a ladder, so to speak, with chains of sugar ac...

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Give Tired Eyes A Total Do-Over

We've all woken up, taken a look in the mirror and thought: I look like I didn't sleep for a minute. Whether you partied the night before or stress is taking a toll, looking les...

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Lancaster Raises Retinol To The Next Level

While everyone else was doing the Hustle, Lancaster was busy making history by being the first company to put retinol in a cosmetic formula. Needless to say, they started someth...

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