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Even Out Skin Tone with Makeup

Makeup can be your best friend—it hides everything from wrinkles and fine lines to blemishes and discoloration. But having to don a face full of makeup just to leave the h...

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The Steps to Spotless Skin

While some learn to love those tiny brown spots on the tip of the nose, cheeks and shoulders, others look for anything to fade freckled skin. Thankfully, you can lighten unwante...

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Three Ways to Treat Pigmentation Problems

Discoloration—think age and brown spots—can make you look just as old as a face full of wrinkles. “Pigmentation makes the skin look dull, muddy and worn out. E...

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Anti-Aging Smile Tips

It’s true that concerns like discoloration and worn teeth can make you look older, but there are ways to reverse those effects. According to
 Irwin Smigel, DDS, “Aes...

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Can Your Smile Make You Look Younger?

We all want a brighter and whiter smile and the added benefit of looking younger certainly doesn’t hurt. Especially since smile stains and discoloration can actually make ...

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