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Jumpstart Skin Repair With A Gentle Gel

The atmosphere that keeps us alive also threatens to age our skin. Although there's no escaping it, it isn't a lost cause. You can fight external aggressors with the right age-f...

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Beautiful Skin, Rebuilt And Reborn

If there is anyone for whom we wait with bated breath to launch new products, it's Kate Somerville. Aesthetician extraordinaire and NewBeauty editorial advisory board member, Ka...

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Oil That Undoes Damaged Hair's Frizz

After trying virtually every texture that smoothing styling products come in-cream, lotion, serum, spray, etc.-I'm convinced that the only format that really takes my hair to th...

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Hyaluronic Acid Gets Extra Hydrating Help

By now, you know that hyaluronic acid plays an unparalleled part in hydrating the skin, and consequently, plumping out fine lines that are exaggerated by dryness. But that doesn...

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Bamboo-Based Exfoliation For Fabulous Skin

We love a good face scrub, but sometimes it seems like every brand is doing the same thing. It's no wonder we love the White Bamboo Exfoliator from Scientific Skin. Not only doe...

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A Gentle Scrub To Slough Rough Lips

We don't care how amazing your favorite balm may be-if your lips have reached the point of roughness, balm alone simply isn't enough to fix flakiness. What an extremely parche...

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A Shimmering Potion For Prettier Strands

When we shake a bottle of Kelly Van Gogh's Wonderlust, our inner little girls ooh and ahh over the swirls of shimmering liquid; but our outer grown women just want to start spra...

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A Potent Primer With Real Skincare Rewards

Most makeup primers use dimethicone polymers to help reduce the look of pores, and Primed & Poreless is no exception. However, this Too Faced formula takes pore refining a step ...

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The Secret To Super-Soft Strands

We all want hair that feels as soft as silk, but when it comes to conditioners, it's essential to take your hair type into consideration. Heavy conditioners contain thick, emol...

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