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Popular Diets: The Pros and Cons

High-protein to raw and everything in between—it can be difficult to decipher which diets can really do wonders for your waistline. Not every diet is for everyone, so we b...

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Spring Clean Your Body With A Juice Fast

Juice cleanse diets-with their potent blend of fresh vegetables, fruits and spices-promise a renewed vitality and better health in as little as three days. Unfortunately, you ha...

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What's The Best Diet?

Anyone who has ever done the slightest bit of research about all the different types of diets out there-strolling through the nutrition section at the bookstore, Google searches...

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An Apple A Day? Really?

We've all heard the expression, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but is there any truth to that? Well, researchers at Florida State University set out to di...

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Is Your Health Food Fooling You?

We all rely on labels to make an informed decision but when it comes to food items, many labels can be misleading. Consider being given the choice between potato chips or veggie...

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