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Weight Loss May Ease Psoriasis

According to a recent study, those suffering from psoriasis, a chronic skin condition characterized by scaly red patches and inflammation caused by an abnormally high rate of sk...

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Tea Of Immortality

When it comes to health food products, I'll try just about anything with a peculiar name and well-designed package. So imagine my excitement when I came across these colorful gl...

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Get Great Summer Skin With These 4 Tips

The first official day of summer is only eight weeks away, which means you have just enough time to whip your skin-and the rest of your body-into shape. Whether you need to tigh...

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Easy Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

This month we've been bringing you a variety of breast cancer awareness tips, news stories and products that support the cause. And we also want to give you tips to prevent the ...

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Can Chocolate Combat Aging Muscles?

According to a new study, eating dark chocolate may affect your health in the same way exercise does. Aerobic exercise like running increases the number of mitochondria in muscl...

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Cheers, To Life!

We weren't surprised to hear that people who have a healthy lifestyle tend to live longer, and now a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention proves it. By the CD...

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Do You Want Thinner Thighs?

Of course you do. But before you decide that the only way to get a better body is with surgery, give a good workout a shot-and stick with it. According to celebrity trainer Lind...

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Fight Fat With Fiber

I'm always excited about food solutions, whether topical or internal. Food is so basic and something we all have access to. It's the ultimate problem solver. I even cook to reli...

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