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Spray Tans Might Cause Cancer Too

We've talked about all of the ways that the sun can age you and cause melanoma. So if you've listened to all of our pleas to wear sunscreen daily and to avoid tanning beds at al...

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Could Spray-Tans Be Toxic?

With summer approaching, many people are going to tanning salons to get their tans, instead of lying out in the sun. It's healthier, right? Or maybe not. Are the chemicals the b...

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Wash-Off Self-Tanner For The Wishy-Washy

Are you a commitment-phobe when it comes to self-tanner? Do you shudder at the thought of being stuck with a faux glow for a few days? Would you take self-tanning one day at a t...

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A No-Mess Glove For Getting Golden

We know it's hard to believe spring is right around the corner with snow still on the ground in so many places. But we know an easy way to make it feel like warm weather is a li...

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Hold On To Summer Skin A Little Longer

Just because it's not summer anymore doesn't mean you have to let your golden glow fade. If you'd prefer to not be pale, ModelCo is offering an inventive way to keep your self-t...

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A Safe Way To Soak Up The Sun

When it comes to self-tanner application, we thought we'd seen it all. Lotions, sprays, foams, airbrushes, towelettes-we honestly couldn't think of any other option. But ModelCo...

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Super Self-Tanner For Sensitive Skin

My skin has a history of oversensitive reactions when coated in self-tanner. I typically turn red instead of tan, because DHA and my skin have about as much positive chemistry a...

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Hydrate And Enhance Sun-Exposed Skin

There are lots of multitasking products out there, but how many make the little voice in your head shout "Genius!" when you see what functions have been brought together in a si...

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