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Fragrance Allergies Are Abating

The next time someone keeps their distance, claiming to be allergic to your perfume, it's more likely that they simply don't like it. According to new research, allergic reactio...

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Are You Allergic To Your Hair Color?

Does anyone actually do those recommended patch tests with at-home hair-coloring kits 24 hours before treating their hair? Most don't-some of us here at NewBeauty are guilty-but...

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Dental Acne?

If you notice redness, bumps or little whiteheads around your mouth, it might not be typical acne. You could be allergic to your toothpaste, whitening product, or any of the com...

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Eyelash Glue That Flexes Its Mussels

Are you a fan of false lashes but not the formaldehyde often found in the glue? We don't blame you. The preservative can cause contact dermatitis in people with sensitive skin, ...

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A Balm To Calm The Most Troubled Skin

I frequently carry home a bag of beauty products so I can get ahead on writing these DailyBeauty reviews. And until now, leaving that bag in my apartment while I'm out and about...

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The Scent Of Eczema

Check your everyday hygiene and household products-shampoos, shower gels, hand washes etc.-and you're bound to find something called linalool in a few. This botanical alcohol is...

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Natural Highlights In A Bottle

I'll admit it, I made a hair mistake. I decided I wanted to go dark-Eva Longoria dark-but the color of the model's hair on the box, a beautiful deep chocolate brown, didn't exac...

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