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Ginkgo Biloba's Beauty Benefits

In the past decade, extracts from the ginkgo biloba tree have become popular when used as a dietary supplement to help treat memory loss and depression. But did you know it may ...

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Treating An Obsession With Physical Flaws

Body dysmorphic disorder is much more than wishing your nose was a little straighter or thighs were a little thinner. Those who suffer from this condition are obsessed with ima...

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The Undeniable Aging Effects Of Stress

President Obama has been in office a little under two years, and there has already been talk of how the stress of being Commander in Chief has aged him. This apparent physical i...

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Could Prozac Improve A Lazy Eye?

Treatments for lazy eye, also known as strabismus, have long been limited to surgery and visual aids. However, a recent discovery could lead to a simpler solution in the form of...

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Mental Health And Dental Health

Antidepressants are widely advertised, and all of the commercials list many kinds of possible side effects. One risk that never makes the commercial cut, however, is the dental ...

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Are Your Skin Problems All In Your Head?

If you've ever suspected that your skin or hair reflects the stress you're going through, you could be on to something. An emerging medical trend called psychodermatology sheds ...

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Are Nose Job Patients Normal?

All different types of people choose to undergo cosmetic surgery, but according to a controversial study, rhinoplasty (nose job) patients have one thing in common: none of them ...

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