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Gas Treatment May Replace Dentist Drill

Your memory is stimulated by your senses. And your sense of hearing can trigger one very unpleasant recollection: the anxiety-inducing sound of the dentist's drill. That whirlin...

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Halloween Smile Savers

You may be able to resist dressing up for Halloween, but avoiding the candy can be a different story, no matter how old you are. Halloween officially kicks off the sugar-filled ...

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6 Beauty Rules You Can’T Ignore

We've all been there-too tired to wash off the day's makeup and grime, too lazy to make a wholesome meal, too rushed floss regularly. Yet these beauty rules are not the type tha...

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Does ‘Sugar Free’ Mean Tooth Friendly?

We expect sugar-free gum and treats to be better for our teeth because we know sugar promotes cavities. On the surface, it’s the right idea. However, new research indicate...

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Flossing 101

We all know how important flossing is: it is essential in preventing periodontal disease. If you're ignoring this, you could end up with inflamed, bleeding gums (not cute). Plus...

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Women Rule When It Comes To Dental Health

When it comes to gender rivalry, the differences between men and women are often polarizing, but, according to one new survey, there's one area where women definitively rule. So...

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