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Demi Moore’S Secret To Shiny Strands

Known for her glossy dark hair that is worn down and straight or with its natural wave, Demi's stylist, Tara Smith, praises the star for taking good care of her strands. “...

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The Key To Beautiful Knees

They're often forgotten about, your lowly knees, until you slip on the first skirt of the spring or a pair of shorts in the summer. Dry skin may make them look ashy, while age o...

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A Polish That Supports A Cause

Today TOMS shoes is celebrating One Day Without Shoes, a global campaign to raise awareness of the millions of children at risk for disease and infection as they grow up without...

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Can Older Women Pull Off Long Hair?

Many people think that older women can't get away with wearing long hair. Whatever your definition of "older" may be, just take a look at how lovely long hair is on women like D...

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What Demi Moore Wants In A Fragrance

We've eagerly wondered what beauty product, if any, Demi Moore would endorse. After all, is there anyone whose face, body and hair say "I look younger than my actual age" louder...

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Were Demi’S Procedures Pointless?

Demi Moore may have some regrets about the cool half-mil she spent on a surgical makeover a few years ago. The 44-year-old was hoping it would breathe life into her once-flouris...

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Can Berry Make Bald Beautiful?

She's considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, but Halle Berry is about to put that opinion to the test. The gorgeous Oscar-winner will be going bald for her upc...

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