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How To Reboot Your Skin After Vacation

The summer months are the perfect time to take that much-needed vacation. The warm weather. The Caipirinhas by the pool. And while you might come home rested and refilled, your ...

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Is Coconut Water a Cure-All?

No matter the season, dehydrated skin is an all-too-common skin complaint—one that can plague just about any skin type, at any age. Luckily, for those that suffer from ext...

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How To Spot Dehydration

Here at NewBeauty we talk a lot about keeping your hair and skin hydrated, but do you know how to tell if you're actually suffering from dehydration? Simply put, dehydration hap...

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Five Factors That Can Cause Unhealthy Skin

Skin that is less than ideal can arise from a variety of different causes, with the main ones being: Dehydration. Even if you drink plenty of water, if your body is not utilizi...

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Have A Safer Flight After Surgery

Traveling to another state to get your surgery? Before you get on the plane, you should be aware of a rare but real condition commonly known as surgical flight syndrome. On the...

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Detoxification And Dehydration

Getting a detox treatment at the spa? Experts recommend drinking plenty of water in order to combat detoxification's potentially dehydrating effect. However, you should wait at...

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The Five Main Signs Of Sun Damage

Sun damage doesn't happen overnight. Repeated exposure to UVA rays is responsible for aging, since they penetrate deep within the skin, breaking down collagen and inhibiting the...

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Four Steps To A Normal Ph Level

Some skin problems, like acne, dryness and irritation, are often a result of a pH imbalance. This is actually a reflection of the pH level of the skin's acid mantle, a thin, pro...

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Key Ingredients' Impact On Your Hair

Using the wrong product can cause your hair to be dull, oily, limp or lifeless. The overall behavior of your hair depends on a combination of all the ingredients in your product...

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