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Yes, You Can Grow Longer Locks

You can grow extra-long locks if you make your hair's general health priority number one. Proper nutrition, regular hydration and bimonthly trims are essential. Most of us belie...

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Hair Color Hints

Watching Katy Perry transform her tresses from brown to red to blonde these last few weeks got us thinking. While such dramatic transformations aren't for everyone, highlights c...

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A Conditioner As Sweet As It Is Deep

Have you noticed that deep conditioner directions have been recommending shorter and shorter leave-on times? That's convenient and all, but how deeply can a deep conditioner con...

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A Hair-Mellowing Mask Out Of Miami

I like to think I know of every beauty brand out there, but I also like being proven wrong, because I get to try something new. When I came across Mirta de Perales products at t...

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Get Glistening, Healthier Hair

The longer hair gets, the older it is; and the older it gets, the duller it can become. When strands don't shine like they used to, it can be a frustrating display of declining ...

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Prettier Hair With Papyrus Milk

Remember that one ridiculous line in Meet the Parents? "Oh, you can milk just about anything with nipples." Well, apparently you milk a few things that don't have nipples, like ...

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