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6 Common Manicure Myths Debunked

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of nail polish to help you complete your look. Even better, being able to relax and pamper yourself as you get a manicure. But there are ...

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Damaged Hair 101: What You Need to Know

It's easy to spot damaged hair—it's rough at the ends, frizzy and split. It also feels dry and lacks shine. In order to minimize the amount of damage that your hair incurs...

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Brazilian Manicure? We Say No Thank You

When it comes to beauty, there’s a reason we often find ourselves looking at Brazil—there’s Brazilian waxes, the Brazilian butt lift and, of course, Gisele. Bu...

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Cuticle Care That Cures Every Condition

Looking for a lip product that does more? Look no further. The ingenious Murad Soothing Skin Lip and Cuticle Care relieves chapped lips with conditioning vitamin E (it can even ...

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Get Your Cuticles Under Control

There's nothing wrong with rubbing a little hand cream into your cuticles to moisturize them, but this vulnerable part of your hands deserves much more specific care-the kind No...

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An Easy Way To "Nail" Prettier Hands

Although smooth, even skin plays a huge role in beautiful hands, the look isn't really complete without healthy nails. Whether they're painted or not, strength-or a lack thereof...

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Show Your Nails Some Nourishing Love

If there is one part of my body I truly do not love, it is my nails. And it's my own fault. I've picked them for as long as I can remember, and even though I don't shred them do...

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Mighty Moisture From An Uber-Balm

Isn't it apropos that we love everything about a product called Everything Balm? And Trilogy wasn't kidding when they named it-it really does a heck of a lot. The balm is inten...

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Better Beauty Sleep From An Organic Balm

If you're anything like us, you've made a healthy habit out of applying lip balm before bedtime in order to heal chapped skin while you sleep. But if you have trouble actually f...

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