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Are Your Teeth Moving?

During your late twenties, your teeth may start to shift due to subtle tooth growth, which impacts tooth alignment. It's natural for the teeth to gradually shift, even if you ha...

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Tooth Extraction Tips

Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, a perfect smile can be achieved. Sometimes dentists recommend orthodontic work before crowns or veneers. The better positioned your teeth are, the ...

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Uneven Whitening When You Have Crowns

Interested in trying the latest at-home whitening product? You may want to hold off if you have crowns on one, two or just a few teeth. People with dental restorations run the ...

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Stronger, Whiter Smiles With Fiberglass

For years, Corvette bodies were made of fiberglass, the lightweight yet strong material made from extremely fine glass fibers. So you might imagine that if it's strong enough fo...

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Stop Using Your Teeth As Tools!

It may seem like a harmless habit-chewing a pencil here, tearing something open there-but using your teeth for anything other than chewing food can lead to chips, cracks and eve...

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